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You will see by the unedited video clips, that this was deep river water, with a current and ice that had no taper or incline to it. Break off ice. What track are you going to trust YOUR LIFE WITH? I trust my life to Escargo "Type" and our world famous "Hybrid Tracks."

Beaver Dam Argo now produces Escargo Type Tracks right here in America, with larger paddles than Escargo's original for a better ice grip and better performance while swimming in the open water, more sideways control on slippery slopes, and much better all around forward propulsion!

Saves on import taxes, fees, and transportation AND, you are now buying an AMERICAN product!

Ours fit Any tire, even 25" tires!

Buy American and SAVE!

Click to watch Escargo Tracks climb out of ice with Beaver Dam Argos Demo Frontier 8x8

Click Here to Watch The Escargo Track Back out onto the ice from open water in a Beaver Dam Argo  Extreme ICE TEST


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Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Notice how much machine control I have with Escargo"Type" tracks in the water.

See the control? Steerability? I added 300 lbs of sand to the back of the unit for balance and traction. Notice that I am not touching the river bottom. This is a floating Argo 8x8 equipped with Escargo Steel Tracks, climbing out of ice that is deeper than the track. These tracks grip and hold. No carbide cleats to break off. No bolts through the tracks to wind up marsh grass on my way out. It's going to be 50 and 60 degrees F all week now. We are going to test the Escargo Snow Kit this week on black ice, the kind of ice that can kill you. Steel Crosser Tracks are not cheap. Do you want to trust YOUR life to CHEAP tracks? You pay 15 to 25,000 for a new Argo. Then you want to put on cheap tracks? I would rather buy an old machine for 3,000 and spend 6,000 on tracks. Tracks make it happen. Escargo Tracks are the best in the world. Escargo tracks wont fall off, won't break, won't damage your machine. They make an argo what it SHOULD BE. What it CAN be. Don't settle for a substitued. I am Christopher Schenkel owner of Beaver Dam Argo Inc. I use Beaver Dam Brand Escargo type of tracks!

March 11, 2012

This morning we added the Escargo Deep Snow kit and took it back out to the same spot on Fox Lake as yesterday. The ice is almost off of Fox Lake. It is 60 degrees and sunny. We are losing ice fast. Watch as the Escargo Tracks with the deep snow kit climb right on top of floating ice, in forward and reverse gear.

The Frontier 8x8 is not climbing out on shore, as you will see the Argo plunging in and floating closer and closer to shore as the ice shelf finally breaks off and floats out. Watch the Escargo tracks grip and hold the floating pieces of ice and pull the machine right up on top.

Video 8

Video 9

Video 10

Video 11

The addition of the snow kit also made entry into the water much softer and safer. I felt no hesitation like the mahine was going to nose dive, pitch, roll or slide. A sideways slide on an ice crevace, where one side drops in, the the other remains floating, is dangerous to say the least. Today, the machine just slipped right into the water, and popped level like a cork.

Before you buy an Argo, or trade in your old one, rethink it.

Start with what you need, the BEST set of tracks, then build your machine on top of them. Don't start with bucket seats, engines, bells and whistles. Start at the bottom and work up. It's your life. It's your dream.Don't get "stuck" with something that doesn't work. Think tracks before you make your first phone call. Go on YouTube and see all of the ESCARGO TRACK videos. Go to and watch everything there first. Use the Argo suggested retail price form you see down further. Then throw it out. Then call me.

920 219 9677

While you are dialing:

Watch another YouTube video


Call about the best designed UHMW tracks too. For deep snow, mud, and the fastest water paddling. These tracks are manufactured right here in our machine shop including full steel Escargo "Type" tracks, hybrid tracks meaning 50 % steel crosse/grousers and 50% UHMW. This gives you the bite of steel at a much reduced weight.

Escargo type tracks are maufactured to strict tolerences. Escargo type crossers are made of state of the art high strength special alloy steel, laser cut, then welded to special alloy steel sub asselbllies formed with high pressure hydraulic presses to give you a perfectly balanced and matched crosser every time. This assures you of the toughest unbreakable crosser paddle that pushes you through impossible mud bogs, swims in open water, climbs straight up hils, yet gives you a smooth QUIET ride on ice, totally unlike Argo plastic tracks that clunk along on hard surfaces. The grip of steel is something ONLY Escargo type track have. You will see pictures of Escargo Type Tracks in use in the Argo Factory Brochures and Calendars from time to time.

The picture below is a picture of the uhmw tracks made by Beaver Dam Argo. Beaver Dam tracks are also available in a hybrid version, where both steel crossers and uhmw crossers are used. This makes for a light weight track with the grip of steel as well. Beaver Dam tracks can be made to fit ANY tire, including 25 inch Rawhides and Argo 25 inch tires as well as 22 inch, 24 inch, MAX tires etc.

24" UHMW TRACKS are made by Beaver Dam Argo Inc in Beaver Dam Wisconsin USAargo max tracksHybrid TracksBeaver Dam Hybrid Tracks


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Wal-Mart and FleetFarm are at the intersection of Hwy B and Hwy 151, so just find Wal-Mart and head straight West about 2 minutes on Hwy B until you come to the Hwy B and 33 intersection. This is a 3 way stop and you will be looking right into our show room.

wisconsin argo ice fishing headquarters Escargo  Steel Paddle Track Swims!

New and Used Argos /Escargo Brand (non Argo) Steel Paddle Extreme Off-Road Tracks sold exclusively in the USA by Beaver Dam Argo Inc

We sell All track brands, including Escargo, Argo, Etc.

Just in: One set of used 8x8 Argo Rubber 18" tracks set up for 25" tires.

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With snow kit this machine is 84 inches of what an Argo was meant to be:


Beaver Dam Brand of Escargo Type tracks are the best for paddling in water.

Beaver Dam Brand of the Escargo type tracks are the best for deep, deep muck.

Our Beaver Dam Brand of the Escargo type tracks are the best for floating bog.

Our Beaver Dam Brand of the Escargo type tracks are the best for plowing. (wont hurt concrete or asphalt)

best for toughness/durability.

best for cattail marshes.

Beaver Dam tracks are the best for for gravel roads.

best for ice.


best for hill climbing.

Beaver Dam Tracks are unquestionably the best tracks in the world!

Conquest Hybrid TrackBeaver Dam Hybrid Track8x8 Conquest For Sale

These are examples of the hybrid 50/50 track for Conquest (CB) models and for the Response (RB) models. Our tracks make ANY model go where even the new ones without our tracks simply can't.


Steep slopes

Spraying ditches

Never stretch

Do not fall off

Will not break

Will not break your Argo

Up 2 1/2 feet of snow without the need for the snow kit

Life saving dependability

Excellent for slush

Paddles your maching through muck/muskeg

Totally amphibious. Adds only 89 lbs over the Argo rubber track

Don't be fooled by edited videos.

Don't get "stuck again by a cheap track"

I am Christopher Schenkel, president of Beaver Dam Argo Inc

and I trust my life to Beaver Dam Tracks. When your life may depend on your track, what's that worth to you?


27 inch snow kit









Watch the following 3 videos with Windows Media Player .wmv files

Watch Video clip of new HDI in ACTION (click)

Watch Argo Hunting TV Commercial (click)

Watch Argo Generic TV Commercial (click)







We buy, sell, and service argo amphibious atvs. Let us help you sell your used argo or trade it in for a new one. Please help yourself to the full Argo ATV reference library provided here including all argo service manuals we have available. If we can't find the answers or the parts, they aren't available.



Mission Statement

"To be the friendliest, most informative, and most helpful Argo dealer in North America"

Please just call Christopher and ask. You will always be treated with respect, and your orders will be filled. We can get you financed too.

We are NOT distracted with golf- carts, tractors, 4x4's or snowmobiles and every other type of power equipment. I am an ARGO owner and lover, dedicated to making your Argo experience as wonderful as mine has always been. I am a Wisconsin sportsman and I use my Argo all season long. I ice fish the first ice of November through the last ice of spring. I can use my Argo to fish open water, yet use the same machine to take me to my tree stand. You name it. My argo has been through it! Don't let anyone tell you how NOT to use your Argo. Just us it the way you want. Your ARGO is a "can do" machine.

Fully amphibious means they float. Argos go where no 4x4 physically can.

We honor ALL factory promotions.

"My name is Christopher Schenkel. My cell phone number is 920 296 8364, and your Argo is as important to you as mine is to me. I promise to respect you and your Argo,no matter where it came from, or where you bought it.

If you don't own an Argo and have questions, just ask. If you bought an Argo on Ebay, or from someone else, I won't bite your head off. My pricing is fair, and my dealings with the public are honest. I am not a salesmen. I'm just me, Christopher, and I love Argos."


We will send you schematics, parts diagrams, exploded views, Argo parts/service manuals, prices, accessory instructions, specs, owner's manuals, operator's manuals etc. Let us look up the VIN of any machine you may be purchasing from a private party, and send you the date of manufacture, and all of the engine and transmission codes you might need for service. Yep, we are that friendly. If you are selling a used Argo, let me help you determine it's fair market value, or sell it for you. Yep, we are that friendly.



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