Stop Getting Stuck! 

I have owned Argos of every Model for over 40 years now. I sold Argos as Wisconsin Argo Dealer WI016 for decades. It sadenned me that I had no solution for my fellow sportsmen being stuck all the time. Our team of experts have the solution! 

Don't be a victim of hype or even sincere Argo dealers that just haven't had the opportunity to experience these tracks yet. Ask YOUR LOCAL ARGO DEALER to call me and install a set of our tracks on YOUR new ARGO you purchase from him. You NEED your local Argo dealer when you buy a new ARGO. And now you do not need to stop at the shore anymore. Your ARGO GO NO WHERE MACHINE can GO ANYWHERE! Just like they say it can. Only you need Beaver Dam Argo Hybrid Tracks to do it. 

The worlds most aggressive traction track with over 40% more surface area than with our former designs. Highest ground clearance of ANY track system. Easier steering than flat tracks won't damage your machine. NO need for "Track Tuners," that just increase the load on your corner drive systems. Less chain wind-up.

20" and 22" Standard Widths with swept-wing flights to increase forward propulsion. 

Hybrid 50/50 design gives you the grip of steel and an enhanced ride and the durability of the newest space-age polymers. Engineered corrugations are hydraulic pressed at 250 tons of pressure into the high tensile strength steel and then heat treated to provide the untimate in durability in our state of the art fabricating facility/machine shop located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Yes, right here in the heart of America, not importated like the ARGO factory tracks, which don't even work in the  water. Everything we do here at Beaver Dam Argo Inc. is local to Midwest Wisconsin and employes fellow Sportsmen and women like you. 

Beaver Dam Hybrid Tracks have been totally re-engineered from our old designs at Escargo USA