Argo ATV Track Systems

One of the most common questions we hear is "Do I really need tracks?"

This is my 2 cents worth. Ready? Here it comes:

I have owned Argos most of my life, and I almost ALWAYS want tracks on my machines. Yes, Argos can be used in the water with tracks on or off.

Using an Argo with tracks in the water makes it harder to navigate. In fact, it can be downright difficult to navigate an Argo in the water with tracks on, but,

Argos are designed to run in the water with tracks installed. For the best navigation in the water, I suggest adding an outboard motor mount for

up to a 10 hp engine, or an electric trolling motor.

I personally recommend the use of the 18" plastic tracks over the use of the Rubber tracks. The benefits of the rubber track is traction on hard surfaces and ice. They are also quiet in operationn

vs the plastic tracks that will slap the ice. On ice, the 18" Plastic Super Tracks can have ice cleats added. The plastic tracks are lighter and are easier to take off and put on, vs the rubber tracks which are very difficult to work with. The plastic tracks are also excellent for floating bogs, muck, and deep snow. Your Argo will be aproximately 60-62 inches wide with standard 13" tracks, and aproximately 72" wide with 18" Plastic Super Tracks, or Rubber Tracks, which are also 18" wide.

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Pictured on the Top Left of the page is an Avenger with rubber tracks. The Top Center picture is a Frontier with 24" Argo Tires. Top Right is an Avenger with Rawhide 3 Tires.

The picture of the 6x6 camo Frontier 6x6 (left side of the center row) with the roll bar, has the 24" Argo Tire, with 18" Plastic SuperTracks installed. This track/tire combination is my personal choice for many circumstances.


Click for LARGE view to compare the tire/track combinations.

The other debates are Rubber vs Plastic? and Standard tracks vs Super Tracks?

Although 25" Rawhide 111 Tires were standard with the Avengers for years, there was always difficulty putting tracks on the Avenger with those tires. Your only factory track offered for an Avenger with Rawhide 3 tires, was the 18" Rubber track which is very very hard on the Avenger. Now, Escargo and the Beaver Dam UHMW and hybrid tracks are available to fit the Avenger and Rawhide 3 25" tire setup. This will save you thousands of dollars by no longer having to switch your Avenger to a smaller tire. Call Christopher at 920 219 9677 for more details.


The Frontiers come standard with the 24" Argo tires. Although the 25" Rawhide 111 and Carlisle 25" will fit on the Frontier, to date there is no track available that will fit the Frontiers with 25 inch tires. There just is not enough clearance.

Beaver Dam and Escargo tracks can be put on the Frontier equipped with the 24" tire.

All 6x6 and 8x8 Frontier models with 24" standard tires, can have the Plastic 13" tracks, or the 18" Plastic Super Tracks or Escargo tracks installed.

To my knowldege you can not install tracks of any kind on any Frontier if it has 25" tires.

Rubber tracks can be put on the 6x6 650 Frontier and the 8x8 650 Frontier with 24" Argo tires, but I caution you against it due to the 18" Argo rubber track causing excessive wear and machine breakage. Ues Escargos. if you want a very agressive track good for all seasons that will not stretch or fall off like a plastic track held together with links and chains.

Therefore, you can put either the 24" Argo tires or the 25" tires on any of the Frontiers or Avengers, but, you can NOT put tracks on the Frontier models with 25" Tires. You must only put tracks on the Frontier models with 24" or smaller tires.

Argo plastic tracks do not fit Argo 25" tires at all.

Argo brand rubber tracks adjust to fit both the 24" Argo tire and the 25" Rawhide 111and the 25" Carlisle tire.

Caution: The 18" Argo Rubber track can cause excessive wear and premature failures.

Escargo Tracks are highly recommended for extreme off road use. They will NOT stretch,

They will not fall off, they will not damage your machine.

Argo Plastic tracks are extremely durable, outlast Argo 18" Rubber tracks and will not damage your machine. They are maintenance free like the Escargo Tracks, but have nothing to offer for paddling in the water or muck.

Escargo tracks and Beaver Dam tracks will NOT leave you stranded, won't fall off, won't stretch, don't ever have to be adjusted, are great on concrete, asphalt, grass, ice, snow, in the mud, and paddle in the water. Escargo tracks are Beaver Dam tracks are the best tracks in the world.

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