Now manufactured in Wisconsin by Americans. No more import tax, Canadian duties, fees, etc. Much less expensive transport costs now bring these tracks to American customers at a greatly teduced price!

Call Beaver Dam Argo Inc. at 920 219 9677. Beaver Dam Argo makes tracks to fit any Argo, even 25" tires.

Escargo traack crossersice gripping steelwater padddleswon't come off


Custom Hybrids too.

Watch this brand new video!

Escargo Type tracks and the bog of Argo death!

This was filmed in muck as thick as wet concrete.

Like driving through pudding.

Never Stuck!x,

Financing Available

Do you realize that you put your life in the hands of your track?

What's your life, or the lives of your family worth to you?

No more broken tire guides!

No more thrown tracks!

No more winches!

EASY on your bearings, chains and sprockets.

Why? Because unlike the 18" Flat Rubber track that plows it's square sides into the ground on turns, the curved edges of the Escargo track gliee through turns.

There isn't 18" of flat track on the ground at all, but only the 8" curved edge of the blade until you need it. On soft surfaces, when your track reallly comes in play, the Escargo type track digs in for a deep grip, yet still turns effortlessly. This means that you are not burdening your drive with a flat track that makes turns a fight. It's true that the new Admiral transmission makes turns so much nicer than with the skid steer transmission, but all of that track pressure is still burdening the drive system, bearings, asles etc. You FEEL like the machine

is turning with so much less effort, but in reality, it's just your ease of driving with the new Admiral transmission that you are feeling. The torque caused by a flat rubber track is as real as it ever was. The workload on the machine remains the same, even though the Admiral steering transmission makes steering effortless for the operator.

Turning in deep snow and muck is so much easier on the drive system with the Escargo type track. This is where tire guides can fail, tracks come off, and things break. with other tracks. You will really appreciate the increased performance on your skid steer machines, because it's you that makes the turn. This track will appreciably recuce brake heat up and fade associated with rubber tracks. The 18" rubber track has 36 total inches of flat rubber and 36 inches of 1" raised rubber strip all draining your machine's performance. The Escargo track provides 40" of flotation when needed, yet only 16" of curved contact surface allow your unit to "glide" along.

A flat rubber track also does nothing for you in the water. One look at the paddles of the Escargo track tells you what you need to know about that.

Because Beaver Dam Argo Inc was the USA Distributor for Escargo Tracks, and now makes the Escargo type track herAND is a factory direct Argo dealer, we can offer package discounts you can't get by buying from someone else. We will save you thousands. We will not be beat on prices.

Steel Paddle Bladed Track that fit the contour of your amphibious low-pressure tire that dig deep, paddle in water,are self- cleaning and provide optimum floatation in ALL conditions. Add the Deep Snow kit and make your tracks 25" wide on each side to get you over the top of any snow depth. (Unnecessary with our 100$ UHMW track)


No getting stuckThese are 26" wide

Unlike any other track you have ever seen. These tracks will change your Argo from what it is, to what it CAN BE. Nothing causes such a dramatic change to your amphibious machine, than the abilit to put the power to the ground, with paddles to propel you on snow and in open water.

When your hunting trip, fishing trip, job, or even your life depends on it, Beaver Dam Argo Full Steel Escargo "Type" Track will transform your machine into a unit that will make the EXTREME OFF ROAD expectations real.

When you are spending the kind of money, and have the genuine committment to run an Argo, then don't economize on the only thing holding your machine back from doing what any of these machines are truly capable of.

PUT Beaver Dam TRACKS ON IT, in all steel crosser configuration, 50/50 Steel and UHMW, or 100% UHMW for a variety of track solutions to fit whatever your needs are.

Do your homework. Decide for yourself if an Argo, or a Max, or a Mudd- Ox, or a Hydrotraxx, Land Tamer, Hoot etc is the best machine for your needs. Then, give your machine the tools it needs to work it's magic. Your brand new 2011 Argo HDI with Argo 18" Rubber tracks WILL NOT GO WHERE A 1998 ARGO CONQUEST WITH 22" TIRES AND ESCARGO Type TRACKS WILL! Consider that when you shop for quotes We will set you up with an HDI with Escargo Tracks for the same quote you get from others with Argo 18" tracks. Get a legitimate qoute from another "Real" Argo dealer, and FAX it to me at 920 219 9677. A "Real" Argo dealer is one that actually services Argos, sells parts, and is listed as a Factory Authorized Dealer. We work with all other REAL Argo dealers to help you keep your Argo experience the best it can be.


Call Christopher for a price qoute to fit tracks to your Argo/Max/ or any other machine you own.

Escargo type tracks now built right here in Ameriaca.

Freight, broker and Customs extra. We can ship FOB Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 53933 or export directly from Timmins, Ontario through a brokerage firm.

For example, prices start from as low as $3,500 CAD for a Vanguard 6x6 with 22" tires + the above fees.

You can save money by ordering your new Avenger/HDI with 24" instead of the 25" tires, or order our BRAND NEW ESCARGO TRACK custome made for the Avenger/HDI with the 25" tire!

Hub extensions are needed. We use an unbreakable, welded hub extension for Escargo tracks, not Argo's aluminum hub extension with the "extended lugs."

Get a package deal on your hew Argo HDI INCLUDING Escargo Tracks!

920 219 9677 5am to 6pm 7 days a week

or 920 296 8364 (mobile) USA

and get a quote on your new HDI Inclucing ESCARGO AMERICA TRACKS

Buy  Escargo Tracks at Beaver Dam Argo

steel crossers grip ice and snow, yet allow for ease of steering.

Untimate body clearaince allows you to add Escargo tracks to your older Argo with 22 inch tires, or your new Frontier, Avenger, or HDI with 24" tire.

Why invest in a new HDi, and put on a track that could leave you out of control in the water, fall off, sink in deep snow, muck, break axle hub extensions etc, etc, etc.

When you can GO ESCARGO for about 20% - 25% more cost!

Or, buy an older unit like a Response, or a Conquest, and make it a go anywyere vehicle.





escargo snow kit20111  frontier 27 inch wide sescargoEscargo track coiled


27" of track per side





Play these videos. You will be convinced too.



WE SELL Escargo tracks



(set) includes hub extensions and extended lugs for 18" tracks as needed

3" and custom length unbreakable welded steel spacers/extensions available.

We also stock other brands of tracks and of course the full line of Argo Tracks

615-43 6x6 13" Plastic Standard Track (set)  
625-43 6x6 18" Plastic Super Track (set)  
815-42K 8x8 13" Plastic Standard Track (set)  
825-42K 8x8 18" Plastic Super Track (set)  
625-50 6x6 18" Rubbber Track  
825-50-1 18" Rubber Tracks (set)  
825-20 Ice Cleat Kit Super Tracks  
825-21 Ice Cleat Kit Rubber Tracks  


6x6 Frontier 580
6x6 Frontier 650
EMS Search and Rescue/Fire/Police
8x8 Frontier 650
8x8 Avenger EFI
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